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Helping People UP - Your Business IGNITED - Touched By A Card
Dear Friends,

Whether it is to show appreciation to someone who touched our lives or to build a client referral network for our marketing company, we use the Send Out Cards system.

With the SendOutCards system, you simply select a card from the extensive card catalog, or create your very own unique masterpiece with digital photos from your computer. 

Next, type a message in your own handwriting and finish it off with your own signature!  Want to add a gift? With the click of the mouse you can add a gift or gift card. There's something for everyone on your list. 

Then simply click on SEND and SendOutCards will print, stuff, pack and mail it for you.
Most cards are under $1 and best of all, no trip to the post office!

Experience the simplicity, fun and absolute money savings of sending cards the SendOutCards way.

CALL US TODAY at (888) 830-5314 for a FREE test drive or simply click here to send a card for free.

Help Someone UP Today,

Rodney & Karen
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